Sunday, July 29, 2012

And the anatomical vocabulary list keeps growing...

I recently wrote a post about my son learning the word "vagina." Well, here we go again.

He has asked on a couple of occasions about "those things above your tummy, Mommy." I have been able to change the subject each time in order to avoid this topic. I had hoped to limit the vocabulary, at least for the time being, to body parts that he and/or his sister had. However, his curiosity continued recently as I was getting dressed and both kids were (of course) in my bedroom and bathroom wreaking havoc. My son somehow got a hold of my bra and... well, here was the conversation.

"Mommy, what is this?"
"That is Mommy's."
"What is it?"
"It is something that Mommy wears under my shirt."
"What is it called?"
"It is a called a bra."
"Does Daddy wear one?"
"No, only Mommy wears one."
"Can I wear one?"
"No, kids don't wear bras. Only mommies." (Sorry for excluding all of you bra wearing women who aren't mommies -- it is just easier this way when speaking to a 3-year old.)
"But I want to wear one! And I want Daddy to wear one!"
"No, only mommies need them."
"Why do only mommies need them?"
"Because only mommies have... (here it comes)... breasts. Mommies wear bras to cover our breasts."
"What are breasts?"
"Oh. Breasts. Ok."

Anatomy lesson for week: check.