Wednesday, May 30, 2012



I will pee without 2 visitors -- one trying to brush my hair and the other trying to sit on my lap to read me a book.

I will use a public restroom without having a child open the door, exposing me, on the toilet, to the world.

I will enjoy a visit to the park that does not involve poop in any way.

My son will know that it is okay for the different foods on his plate to touch each other.

My son will eat a vegetable or fruit without the promise of chocolate or cookie. (Maybe not)

My daughter will stop falling off of things and smacking herself in the face.

My kids will sleep past 6:03 in the morning.

Someday, I will miss bathroom visitors, silly games played to entice my son to eat, kissing boo-boos on my daughter's forehead, and 6 a.m. wake-up calls from a little person standing next to my bed holding books.

Wishing for someday. But not wishing for someday.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sister in space

Although his relationship with his little sister has improved greatly, we still have some work to do with our son.  Our conversation this morning:

"Mom, only 3 people should live here, not 4."

"Who should be here?"

"Mommy, Daddy, and me."

"What about your sister?"

"She can live in space."

"But we would miss her!"

"We can go visit her in space, Mom. On our space ship."

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A bookworm without pants...2

While staying with the grandparents...

3-year old runs up stairs yelling, "I'm gonna need a book Mom!" (I am sure you can crack that code as to what's about to happen in there.)

10 minutes later, child appears on stairs. Naked and reading. The book is big enough to cover his unmentionables. He descends down the stairs, completely engrossed in the book, walks into the playroom, and sits back down into his previous reading chair that he had left a few minutes before. As if nothing had changed.

No awareness that his pants and underwear are still upstairs.

That's our boy.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Going on a year now...

We actively began potty training our son last June. As in June of 2011. It is now May. Of 2012. And honestly, I thought we really were about done. He has not had a real accident in months. However, the following has occurred in the past 48 hours:

Yesterday... Pick up son from child care room at gym. He is disheveled and his shirt is tucked in to his pants in the front. This is evidence that we went on the potty there. Good boy. Or not? As I retrieve child #2 and we begin to exit, I notice that he is holding his butt and walking oddly. I ask him if he pooped in his pants, to which he lies, "No." Upon further investigation, I learn that yes, in fact, he did poop in his underpants although he actually did use the potty at some point...???

After several interrogation attempts that lead to no real information, I give up. I chock this event up to him not knowing the childcare workers well at the gym and not being familiar with the bathroom there. An annoying hiccup, but we get past it.

Then today we attend a play date at a friend's house -- a house he has been to a countless number of times, and a house he has pooped and peed at successfully. While running around outside, he begins to do the potty dance but swears he does not have to go. (I know this is untrue, but he needs to come to terms with it on his own, accept the reality that he needs to walk away from the toys to use the potty. Usually he does manage this with enough time to spare. Usually.) Finally, after several potty-dancing minutes, he runs to me frantically yelling that he needs to go potty. I take him inside and he pees on the potty, but I also notice his underwear are soaked. I am very angry at this because he did not give himself enough time to get there. After scolding him, I decide to just let him run around outside in his mesh shorts without underwear (as the clean underwear are in the car and I need to get back to tending to his sister too). I also state clearly that if he has another accident, now that we have had TWO in the past two days, that I am going to take his LeapPad away for a day.

A few minutes later, back outside, he runs up to me holding his butt and crying, "Don't take my LeapPad away!" I am in disbelief. Are you kidding me? Did you poop in your underpants AGAIN? Then I realize with horror that he is not wearing underpants and that the only thing between the poop and the rest of the world -- my friend's yard and house -- is a pair of loose mesh shorts.

The next 20 minutes is a bit of a blur, but you can imagine how it went down. Thank goodness Mommy has Book Club tonight and that there will be wine.