Saturday, December 8, 2012

Perils of having a young reader

Of course I LOVE that my kid was reading at 3 years old. But...

Having a child who reads at a very young age can lead to the following situations:

1. "Mommy, that sign said 'Speed Limit 35'. You are going too fast and the police are NOT going to be happy."

2. "Mommy, that sign said 'No Turn on Red' and you just turned when the light was red. The police are NOT going to be happy."

3. "Mommy, the sticker on the cart says 'Do Not Put Child in Basket of Cart' so that means I need to walk through the whole grocery store."

4. While with me in a public bathroom, "Mommy, why does that machine give out napkins in the bathroom, and what are tampons? Can we get some? They are only 25 cents."

5. "That sign says 'Adult Store. XXX. Next Exit.' What do they sell there? They must not have toys because kids are not allowed."