Friday, July 29, 2011

And the potty-training adventures continue.....

"Do you have to go potty?"
"Are you sure?"
"No, you don't have to go? Or no, you are not sure?"
"I don't have to pee!"

2 minutes later, from the other room: "I peed."

Upon leaving a play date this morning....

Walk outside into parking lot in 100 degree heat with toddler and crying baby, who is overdue for nap. Toddler climbs into van while I load baby into car seat and strap her in. Start car to get air conditioning going. Fold up and load stroller into back of van. Walk around to other side of van and help toddler get into his seat. Strap him in.

"I am peeing."
"Did you already pee in your pants? Or do you need to pee?"
"I need to pee."
"Okay, you need to hold it for a minute okay?"

Unstrap toddler and help him out of seat. Walk around to back of van, take stroller back out. Unload baby (now screaming), load her into stroller, turn off car. Walk back into building to bathroom. Since toddler insists being completely naked before peeing, his shoes need to come off first. One shoe off, other shoe off, shorts off, underwear off. While holding him up on potty,

"I don't have to pee."


  1. I feel your frustrations! We do at least have the pee down, but not the, uh, other thing. I am SO. TIRED. of cleaning it up all over our house. Potty training is no fun. No fun at all. And having a baby just adds to it all. :/

  2. Just a thought....

    I keep a potty chair in the car at all times with wipes (for her bottom), clorox wipes (to wipe out the potty chair, hand sanitizer, and back up clothes. I also have a piddle pad on Katie's car seat. So when she forgets to tell me that she has to go we're covered. It slips on and off the seat super easy and that way if she does have an accident I'm not up a creek while we're out and about. Then I just machine wash it when I get home.

    I don't know as though you were looking for advice, but, so far, this method has been awesome for us!

  3. Oh! I almost forgot one of the most important parts! I also have a wet bag for storing the pee'd on items until I get home to wash them. I have two so I can swap them out every day....we use our froggy potty (car potty) almost every day!