Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mom's Day Off

So due to last minute / unforeseen events, my husband had to work most of this weekend. This is quite possibly the worst thing to happen to a stay-at-home-mommy (and also maybe a working mommy, but I can only speak for the SAHMs). While we SAHMs don't get a real "weekend" away from "work", we do get that giddy feeling Friday afternoon knowing that the hubs will be home for the next 2 whole days! Help with kids! Grown-up conversations all day long! An uninterrupted Saturday morning shower that can last longer than 6 minutes! So, when this does happen with his work on occasion, you can imagine my resulting mood.

Therefore, I decided that today, I am taking the day off. That's right! Mommy is calling in. What, you ask, does this mean? (Read your part below.)

You: Tell us, SAHM! Tell us what it was like! How did you do it! Did you still have to get up at 6 a.m.?
Me: Well, yes.
You: Oh. Well did you still drink one cup of coffee over a three hour period that you kept reheating in the microwave?
Me: Um, yes.
You: Well... did you still have to referee fights between your kids over menial reasons such as who gets to use the one clean blue plate?
Me: (Sigh.) Yep.
You: Um... well, what exactly DID you do on your day off then?
Me: I let my son watch TWO videos! That's right ladies! It was a glorious 90 minutes. I am a rebel.

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