Friday, June 22, 2012

A post entirely about child #2

Just another day with an 18-month old:

1. The night before your 18-month old daughter will cry off and on all night. You never really learn why.

2. In the morning, you will take her in for her 18-month well visit. She will get 2 shots.

3. She will take a 50 minute nap after said shots and wake up screaming.

4. You will decide to skip the gym to fit 2 major errands into the afternoon: Costco and grocery store. You don't have time to fit the gym in as well, and let's face it -- no one will want to take her from you today.

5. You will pack up the kids, drive 15 minutes to Costco, unload them in 90 degree heat into the shopping cart, walk up to the entrance, and discover that your wallet is at home.

6. You will drive home to retrieve wallet, abandon Costco mission but still make it the grocery store since you have no food for dinner.

7. You will stupidly attempt a recipe off of Pinterest that includes fancy things like avocado and zest of lime.

8. While preparing dinner, your 18-month old daughter will pull the heaviest pot you own out of the cabinet and drop it on your foot.

9. While you are wiping up the floor after her nightly dinner disaster (on your hand and knees), that same delightful daughter will walk up to you and pull a handful of hair out of your head.

10. She will wrap up this gem of a day with a temper tantrum because you will not allow her to wear necklaces to bed. Because, despite your bruised foot, bald scalp, and sleep deprivation, you actually do not want to strangle her.

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