Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More questions and concerns from our 3-year old son

Lately, when Mommy gets stuck on an answer to one of his 457 questions of the day, I turn to God. "God made it that way" works A LOT. However, this has led to prodding on WHY God made certain things they way they are:

"Why did God give us two arms?"

"Why is the song The 12 Days of Christmas backwards? Did God make it that way?"

"Why did God put this wrinkly stuff under my penis?"


And a couple other gems:

"When I learn to drive, will you put my car seat in the front seat where the steering wheel is?"

Upon learning that he will lose his baby teeth in a few years, "So when I turn 6 and I open my mouth all of my teeth will fall out of my head?!" (Eyes welling with tears)

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  1. LOL! Literally. Love kids so much. This age is just fun!