Friday, May 13, 2011

A few simple requests

Dear child #1... Please wake me up tomorrow morning at 5:45 a.m. Better yet, make it 5:30 -- the earlier the better.

Dear child #2... Tonight please repeat the festivities of last night and scream bloody murder from 9 p.m. to midnight (especially because I asked your brother to wake me up tomorrow at 5:30).

Dear child #1... In the morning, please have a tantrum over me giving you the wrong spoon with breakfast. Also, please throw some sort of utensil or breakfast dish -- it does not matter which one -- as long as it makes oatmeal fly all over the room.

Dear child #2... Please continue with your new trend of screaming as if you are in pain when Mommy is out of the room, only to smile and coo as soon as she reappears. Please try to do this as often as possible while your brother is also freaking out over something ridiculous. Mommy likes it best when you both cry at once.

Dear child #1 and #2... Please continue to stagger your naps so that there is no more than 10 minutes overlap. You know how Mommy hates peace and quiet.

Dear husband.... Please extend your work trip a few more weeks. The past few weeks without you here have been so pleasant that I would like more time alone with the children.

Dear body... Please continue to refuse to lose the last few pounds of baby weight despite my efforts at exercising. Keep up the stubbornness.

Dear coffee maker.... Please continue to not magically make coffee before I emerge at 6 a.m. with a hyper, wide awake toddler.

Dear house... Please continue to be a disaster, especially after I spend 2 straight hours cleaning (like you did yesterday -- good work on that one.)

Dear car... Please continue to follow house's lead.

Dear sanity... Please come back.


  1. I remember those days with Audrey and Jason. They are 18 months apart! And when they were "little", it was SO HARD!! I promise not to tell you "don't wish these days away, because they will be gone before you know it", because all that does is make you feel guilty. I also won't tell you that it gets easier, because all that does is make you mad :)

    But I will tell you to keep up blogging because I think its probably a good release for you, besides it makes for good reading for me. Just kidding.

    Btw, Jason used to freak out over the "wrong" cup. Seriously, kid! Suck it up!

  2. Ava still freaks out if her food touches--she's five.