Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A good day...Seriously.

Most (if not all) of my posts are sarcastic and express with not so subtle tones the frustrations of motherhood, namely raising a toddler-now-3-year old boy and a baby-now-toddler girl. Today, however, was one of the better ones.

The following positive things occurred since the day began this morning:

--Both children slept 30 minutes past their normal wake-up time. Score 1 for Mommy.

--Both children were relatively well-behaved at our play date (meaning Mommy was not mortified at their behavior at any point while playing in someone else's home).

--My son ate larger than normal helpings of meat and fresh fruit (a big deal since he believes in three basic food groups: Cheerios, NutriGrain bars, and.... Cheerios).

--My self-appointed vegetarian daughter ate the "special new rice" I concocted, in which I hid both eggs and tofu. (Haha! Gotcha!)

--My son willingly and without prompting stepped away from his toys / activities to go to the potty on several occasions, rather than do the "peepee dance" while playing and holding it until it is too late.

--After being given a warning that he had only 5 more minutes to play his LeapPad, he turned it off without needing a reminder, put it down and went to play with something else. (This one left me so shocked that I just stared at him, mouth agape, speechless.)

--Both kids are asleep. It is 7:30 p.m.

A good day.

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