Saturday, February 11, 2012

"I can do it all by myself, Mommy."

We have all heard this from the mouths of our little ones. This is a good thing -- they want to be independent, and if they really can start to do things on their own, life will get easier for Mommy, right?

Well, here are the translations for what this expression really means in our house these days:

"I can go pick out my socks all by myself" = son coming downstairs holding as many pairs of socks as he can (probably 10-15 pairs) and dropping them all over the stairs.

"I can wash my hands all by myself" = pumping the soap dispenser over and over, thus emptying it into the sink while simultaneously splashing water all over his shirt. This is followed by him whining that he needs a new shirt now because his is all wet.

"I can go potty all by myself" = becoming bored on potty and ripping up Daddy's Men's Health magazine into tiny bits and spreading them all over the bathroom floor. After child (and Mommy, of course) pick them all up and put them in a bag, Mommy tries to take the bag outside to the recycling bin. She is joyfully met with a great wind that lifts most of the magazine bits out of the bag and sends them flying all over the lawn.

"I can wipe my nose all by myself" = smearing boogers across his nose and both cheeks and leaving the dirty tissue on the play room floor for his sister to find.

Mommy is so proud.

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