Saturday, September 28, 2013

A compliment from Daddy

After a very long week, my kind husband was trying to give me a break this morning and allow me to work out in peace while he handled all 3 kids. While getting shredded with Jillian Michaels, I overhead the following:

Each kid needed something from Dad to which he admitted, "I cannot do 3 things at once. Only Mommy can do 3 things at once."

My son then asked, "How can Mommy do 3 things at once?"

Dad: "Because Mommy is amazing."

Aaaaawwww. So sweet.

Fast forward 3 hours. Daddy is out and Mommy is alone with all 3. It is the witching hour for the 7- month old who does not know if he is more tired or more hungry, so Mom is trying to get a few bites of food in him before a nap. And she has the big kids' dinner cooking on the stove. And the 2-year old needs help pulling up her pants in the bathroom.

Because of tasks #s 1 and 2, I told her that she is a big girl and could do it herself.

"But Mommy!!! I caaaaaaaan't!!! I need you!!!"

"Well Mommy is busy feeding your brother and cooking. I cannot help you right now."

And here it is: my clever 4-year old son pipes in: "But Daddy said you can do 3 things at once. So this should be easy for you, Mom."

Thanks for trying, Daddy. Love ya.

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