Friday, October 4, 2013

The superhero talk

While driving, I hear from the 3rd row back seat (from my 4-year old):

"Mom, are super heroes real guys or made up guys?" 
"Um.... what does Daddy say?"

Okay, not off to a very good start, Mommy. 

2 minutes later: "What if I am in trouble and need help and a super hero does not come in time?"

Opportunity for redemption! 

"You know what? I'll bet you would not need a super hero. You are so brave and strong."
"I am not big or strong enough to beat a villain, mom." (Not buying what I am selling.)
"I'll bet you are stronger than you think you are. I know I could count on you to help me if I was in trouble."
"But what if I really needed a super hero's help? What if Ironman or Spiderman did not come help me?"

What else you got, Mom? Oh! I know! Opportunity for Biblical reference!

"Do you remember David from the Bible? Remember how even though he was small, he was brave and fought Goliath the Giant and won? Because he believed in God?"

Look at you, Mommy! Pulling tricks like that out of your back pocket!

"Never mind Mom. I will ask Daddy later. Let's talk about something else."


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